Next Content Studio

What is Next?

We are a full-service content agency with a team of over 30 content specialists who combine the best in editorial and multimedia talent. We believe that branded content should also be great content—we pride ourselves on telling your unique stories with an eye to innovation and creativity.

Next Content Studio is expert at multi-platform content creation across all key categories, from food, health, fashion and beauty to retail, finance, entertainment, sports and automotive. NCS also draws upon the vast expertise of editorial teams spanning Rogers Media, from Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Today’s Parent and MoneySense to CITY, OMNI and Sportsnet.

Our Mission

To work with you in delivering results-based content determined by using data and analytics across a wide spectrum of platforms and devices.

Together We Create. Your Stories. Your Voice. Your Way.


Our Services



Whether print, digital or video, Next Content Studio knows the story, blending world-class journalism with marketing savvy to craft the perfect solution for any brand, category or theme. Our robust data and insight tools further ensure that every piece is on target, on message and optimized for maximum impact.



Yes, a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and Next Content Studio delivers award-winning photography, leveraging the deep, rich expertise of our in-house photography crew, augmented by the foremost freelance shooters from across Canada and around the globe, including category specialists in everything from food and beauty to travel and automotive.  



No one needs reminding that technology has utterly transformed the art of storytelling.

New technologies don’t replace story ideation or content creation, but Rogers leading expertise in cutting-edge technology ensures that the latest, foremost innovations drive every story.



Strategic storytelling builds on insights to focus listeners’ minds on a single important idea that helps them forge an emotional connection. Data doesn’t persuade or inspire an action, but with a strategic understanding of what drives those behaviours, it becomes a powerful marketing tool.



Great content deserves, indeed demands, equally outstanding design. Next Content Studio’s legion of in-house designers—alongside a spectrum of freelance artists and illustrators—continually earn global accolades not only for the beauty of their work, but also for their effectiveness in producing game-changing results for our clients.



Yes, anyone with a smartphone can shoot video, bur Next Content Studio’s team of videographers, animators and editors daily prove that only the most skilled professionals can create video content that truly stands out amid a sea of amateur sameness.

Audience Development


Growing audiences is what we do—day in, day out; across all platforms and audience segments; across Rogers incomparably diverse suites of media brands. We use these insights and learnings to not only help our partners find their ideal audiences, but to also gain deeper, more dynamic appreciation of their key consumers’ psychographic makeup.



Not all content lives on a page or screen. Events, custom-orchestrated by Next Content Studio, create the opportunity, all too rare in our digital age, to interact face-to-face with existing and prospective customers, providing the immeasurable value of real-time integration with your products and services.  



As part of Rogers Communications, our scale and reach with multiple touchpoints in over 35M Canadian households mean we generate millions of data interactions that we use to help shape our ideas.


Data also informs our strategy. It helps us to optimize your results and effectively attract and retain your target audience.


Technology-based metrics that optimize and adapt quickly to consumer consumption habits.


Multi-platform and Multi-language

It’s not just about what the insights tell us. It’s what we do with those insights. Award-winning journalists, photographers, videographers, producers, editors and art directors who can tell stories that demonstrate your brand value and engage your customers. Plus, through Next multi-language services, we can also produce content in French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog and Italian.



As one of Canada’s largest media companies, we have the ability to share best practices in SEO and social-content amplification, to drive specific KPIs, including emerging media platforms.

Audience Development

Our audience-insights team can work with you to help strategize on what works best in driving new audiences to your sites.


We create award-winning content.

Pearl Awards

12 Gold, including Best Return on Investment; Best Overall Winner Walmart Live Better; 19 Silver, including Best in Show (Walmart Live Better); Achievement of Corporate Objectives (Walmart); 6 Bronze, including Best Special Issue Kraft Cover Integration; Walmart

Canadian Marketing Awards

Gold, for Canadian Tire WOW Guide
Applied Arts Award: Single Entry Catalogue Image Award for Canadian Tire WOW Guide

Our Work



  • Reaches 17% of Canadian women
  • 1.165M copies
  • 4.9M readers nationally
  • Over 1,000 articles on various topics and platforms
  • All copies picked up within 3 weeks
35%Sales increase on featured products

Shoppers Drug Mart


120%Increase in social post engagement
25%Increased Instagram following in less than 5 months
245%Lift in video views on Instagram since working with Rogers

Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire Corporation’s “most successful marketing initiative in over a decade

– TJ Flood, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Consumer Brands

40%Sales increase on featured products
200%Category-specific increases

The Power of Branded Content



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