Contemporary Consciousness

It’s a concept defined and led by those brave enough to lead change, fearless in the stories they choose to tell and how they tell them.

Stories that reflect a rapidly changing society, explore the complex realities of our world today and turn convention on its head.

We are VICELAND—the new global television platform programmed by Vice Media.

We are VICELAND—a station already averaging more than 1-million weekly viewers.

We are VICELAND—producers whose groundbreaking content moves the needle on a daily basis, not only charting but shaping countercultural change.

Music. Food. Sex. Fashion. Tech. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on every screen, with all programming available in full online and in your pocket (our mobile app coming soon to iOS and Android.)

Welcome to a channel of personal perspective, delivering upwards of 350,000 regular viewers in the highly desirable—and elusive—18-34 demographic.

Welcome to bold new horizons.


Viceland is a top 25 digital station in primetime among key demos (a25-54, a18-49, a18-34)

32% of the audience are 18-34

Top programs on viceland include: gaycation, balls deep and vice guide to film (a25-54)

Half of our viewers live in a household of 3 of + individuals

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