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French Women 18+

Justly proud of its growing audience of 688,000 readers, VÉRO magazine embodies all that is Véronique Cloutier—the beloved French Canadian multitasker whose across all media platforms has made her one of Québec’s most popular personalities.

Since launching in 2013, this vibrant VÉRO magazine is crafted in the spirit of O, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Rachael Ray Every Day. As a result, VÉRO magazine offers its readers concrete solutions, suggestions and concepts to inspire a finer life.

Want to feel healthy in body and mind, enjoy the moment or chart a fresh course? Just turn to VÉRO magazine and discover how to get the most out of life, from food and fashion to family and career. Like the 65,000 informed Quebecers who shape VÉRO magazine’s vigorous circulation base, you’ll fall under the spell of Véronique Cloutier.


Average Age: 50 Years Old

Average Time Spent Reading: 32 Minutes

2 in 3 readers say “Regular exercise is an important part of my life”

17% more likely to spend $250+ on grocery shopping in the past month vs. the average French female 18+

39% more likely to enjoy 6+ glasses of wine in the past week

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