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Maclean’s is committed to providing the sharpest opinion and analysis on the topics that matter most: politics, economy and business, science and technology, society, arts and culture, education and work.

Provocative, challenging, engaging and entertaining, Maclean’s is the go-to source for more than 2.3-million Canadian readers. They’re educated, affluent and active, and we reach them across all platforms: print, digital, tablet and social. Evenly split between men and women, our audience is passionate about Canada and counts on Maclean’s to refract national and global news and events through a distinctly Canadian lens.


54% more likely to have a University or Post Graduate Degree vs the average English Adult 18+

68% more likely to be a C-Level Executives vs. the average English Adult 18+

994,000 or 38% of Maclean’s audience is exclusively accessing the brand via digital platforms

Average Time Spent Reading: 37 Minutes

Male Readers: 60%


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