NHL on Sportsnet

The SN NHL game plan: We broadcast the hockey games that matter – every game features the home team. As the official rights holder of 5 Canadian NHL teams, SN is the home of hockey that Canadian fans truly care about and fuel their passion with.

And it matters:

  • SN’s Toronto Maple Leafs games offer advertisers audience scale with over 744,000 viewers per game
  • In Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa, our SN hockey broadcasts rank in the top three amongst all TV shows in each of their respective markets… not just sports shows but all programs including the best Hollywood has to offer!

… AND SN’s NHL hockey continues to grow. In fact, they were collectively up 8% in 2012.

Source: BBM Canada PPM Total Canada, 2011/2012 vs. 2010/2011 Broadcast Year. A25-54 Aggregate of East+Ontario+West+Pacific

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