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Sportsnet tells the stories that fuel the passions of millions of Canadians who cram into rinks, arenas and stadiums across the country, and who make sure they’re home in time to watch the big game – whatever it happens to be. Sportsnet features the very best photography from around the world of athletics, and the kind of incisive analysis and entertaining commentary that discerning sports fans demand, from the country’s best roster of writers and columnists.

Sportsnet is for Canada’s sports fanatics, focusing on all the major professional leagues and the premier amateur events, with particular focus on the teams and stars that Canadians care most about. When combined with the unmatched reach and power of Sportsnet’s broadcast properties and digital platforms, the magazine is Canada’s leading source for in-depth perspective and inside reports on hockey, baseball, football, soccer, and MMA to name a few. Sports can bring us to our feet, and they can bring us to tears. Sports can break hearts and make them swell with pride. Starting this fall, that thrill of victory and, of course, the agony of defeat, will begin arriving in mailboxes and newsstands across the country.

Sportsnet is where you will find big league live sporting events that fuel the passion of Canadian sports fans.

From its launch in 1998, Sportsnet has been dedicated to fuelling Canadian sports fans with the sports they love, from regional and national live event coverage, to in-depth news stories and sports analysis.

From home team NHL hockey and the Toronto Blue Jays to MLB, NFL and world class Soccer, Sportsnet has it fuelled across five broadcast stations. This allows SN to uniquely offer advertisers the flexibility to reach audiences both nationally or targeted key selective markets.

Subscriber Information

Sportsnet’s 4 regional broadcast stations combine to give Sportsnet a national reach of 9.3 million households across Canada.

Sportsnet One is our digital service with a national subscriber base of 6.0 million homes.

Source: Mediastats Subscriber Data – August 2012

Audience Information

  • The SN viewer is more likely to be male, aged 25-54, with a household income over $100,000, married and in a management role.
  • Sportsnet/One national average weekly reach: 9,900,000
  • SN Pacific average weekly reach: 2,753,000
  • SN West average weekly reach: 2,437,000
  • SN Ontario average weekly reach: 4,791,000
  • SN East average weekly reach: 2,498,000

Source: BBM Canada PPM Data, Ind. 2+, AvWkRch(000), Total Canada – Sportsnet+SportsnetOne, Sportsnet East+Sportsnet Sens, Sportsnet West+Sportsnet Flames+Sportsnet Oilers, Sportsnet Pac+Sportsnet Van Hockey

Targeting a market?

SN is the only sports broadcaster capable of targeting specific Canadian markets. SN offers advertisers the flexibility to distribute media weight according to their specific media plans by market.

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Unlike other programming, sports are live and immediate. Sports fans and consumers are passionate, and need to stay connected to what they want, when they want it. Sportsnet’s digital offering, including and the Sportsnet mobile app, allows consumers to stay connected anywhere, anytime, anyplace. offers a higher composition of men 18+ than any other sports property. Our online platform has become the destination for Canadian fans hungry for national and regional sports content: breaking news, video, insights, scores, schedules and more. serves up daily content from every major league – NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, CFL, MLS, UEFA, CHL, and UFC – plus soccer, golf, tennis, cricket and auto racing. We are also home to some of Canada’s most recognized sports writers including Stephen Brunt, Michael Grange, and Shi Davidi. is the only Canadian sports website geo-gated to serve sports enthusiasts with content organized by their region (Pacific, West, Ontario, East).

Engage with your consumer online within the richest online sports experience available in Canada and take advantage of the unique cross-platform integration opportunities available to our digital team through TV, Radio, Print, Web and Mobile.

Audience information

  • 522,000 unique visitors per month
  • 3 M page views per month
  • 59 M impressions per month
  • 89% of audience are men
  • 42% are Men 25-54
  • Average household income is $100,605

All data is from comScore MediaMetrix, Total Canada, All Locations, 2+, May to July 2012.

Cost $2,500
Impression 100,000
CPM 25
Static (per page) $2,516
Rich Media 2,641
Premium(5 sec interstitial) 3,773

Sportsnet Digital



Diamond-sharp photography from around the world of sport, incisive analysis and entertaining commentary from the country’s best writers and columnists, these are the trademarks of Canada’s only national sports magazine.

Sportsnet Magazine tells the stories that fuel the passions of the millions of Canadians who fill rinks, arenas and stadiums; read, talk and argue about sports and make sure they’re home in time for the big game.

The magazine for Canada’s sports fanatics, it focuses on all the major professional leagues and the premier amateur events with a focus on the teams and stars that Canadians care most about. Combined with the unmatched reach and power of Sportsnet’s broadcast properties and digital platforms, the magazine is unquestionably Canada’s leading source for insider views and in-depth reports on hockey, baseball, football, soccer and MMA – to name just a few.

Arriving in mailboxes and on newsstands every other week, Sportsnet evokes the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat. Canadian sports fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s one of the best attempts at a general interest sports magazine the country has seen in a long time, from pretty professional operators,” Doug Bennet, publisher of Masthead magazine. (Ryerson Review of Journalism, Summer 2012).

Audience information

Canada’s only national sports magazine with a growing circulation of 80,000.

Average age 48 years
Average household income $100,605
Male readership 89%
25-49 years 49%


IFC$18,444$17,890$17,522$16,598$16,230$15,676$14,755IFC DPS$38,574$37,417$36,646$34,717$33,946$32,788$30,859IBC$19,289$18,711$18,324$17,360$16,975$16,395$15,432Full Rate Card can be found on the Media Kit

Full Page $16,771 $16,268 $15,932 $15,094 $14,759 $14,256 $13,417
DPS $30,188 $29,282 $28,678 $27,169 $26,567 $25,660 $24,151
OBC $20,955 $20,337 $19,918 $18,869 $18,450 $17,820 $16,772

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2014 SIP Editorial Coverage Sales Closing Date Material Closing Date
February 10 Muhammad Ali January 3 January 10
May 26 World Cup April 18 April 25
August 18 NHL Fantasy Guide July 11 July 18
December 15 Year in Sports November 7 November 14

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  Bleed Non-Bleed
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Sportsnet DeadlinesEdmonton

Magazine Creative


Sportsnet 590 The FAN and Sportsnet 960 The FAN are the foremost sports radio stations in their respective markets of Toronto and Calgary.


Sportsnet 590 The FAN dominates the Toronto sports radio airwaves, with significant audience growth in the key sports demographic of Males 25-54 for all weekday programming. Recently, the station received the highest ratings in Sportsnet 590 The FAN’s 20-year history. Sportsnet 590 The FAN in Toronto is the first all-sports radio station in Canada. It boasts a tradition of excellence unlike any other in the sports radio landscape, and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Sportsnet 590 The FAN is:

  • Home of Canada’s most listened-to radio sports personality, Bob McCown;
  • Home of Prime Time Sports, the No. 1 Sports Talk Show for the past 20 years (also simulcast and replayed on Sportsnet and;
  • Play-by-play rights to the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, and Buffalo Bills

The full line up on Sportsnet 590 The FAN can be found here

For information on advertising with Sportsnet 590 The FAN, contact Tim Webb, Radio Sales Manager at


Sportsnet 960 The FAN (CFAC 960 AM Calgary) is Calgary’s only all-sports radio station and is home of the Calgary Flames broadcasts. It is also the broadcast home for the Calgary Hitmen of the WHL, Calgary Roughnecks Lacrosse, The Toronto Blue Jays, Major League Baseball, the NFL and the NHL playoffs.

The full line up on Sportsnet 960 The FAN can be found here.

For information on advertising with Sportsnet 960 The FAN, contact Brad Hugel, Radio Sales Manager at


Sportsnet is all about fuelling Canadian sports fans with content that feeds their passion and engages them 24-7. Our multi-platform brand consists of Sportsnet,, Sportsnet the Fan/Radio, Sportsnet Magazine and the Sportsnet Mobile apps.

Sportsnet delivers more NHL and MLB television broadcasts than any other Canadian broadcaster, including exclusive Toronto Blue coverage and over 500 MLB games. This depth is complemented by an extensive package of NFL games (including the exclusive Canadian broadcast of Thursday prime time NFL games); CHL and the exclusive broadcast of the MasterCard Memorial Cup; UFC; Rogers Cup tennis; and world class soccer including the Road to Rio, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Toronto FC, Vancouver Whitecaps and Canadian National Team matches.

In addition to premier live event, Sportsnet provides insight, analysis and entertainment on all five platforms with our own uniquely branded and exclusive content. From our flagship news show Sportsnet Connected, the award-winning Sportsnet Magazine, Canada’s most-listened-to sports radio show (Prime Time Sports), through to the content available on Canada’s fastest growing sports website (, Sportsnet reaches audience and consumers like no other brand on the Canadian sports landscape.

Blackberry Studio

The BlackBerry Blue Jays Insider is an example of a unique partnership between the Toronto Blue Jays, Sportsnet and BlackBerry. As the exclusive broadcaster of the Blue Jays, Sportsnet is able to provide our clients with unrivaled access to Canada’s only Major League Baseball franchise.

BlackBerry came to us with the goal of growing the BlackBerry Blue Jays Insider program. A program that offers fans many exciting features through their exclusive BBM technology.

In its second year, this program continues to be a huge success spanning across 4 Sportsnet platforms (Magazine, Digital, TV, Radio) offering BlackBerry Blue Jays Insiders the opportunity to interact with Blue Jays players and Sportsnet’s team of MLB Insiders.

Additionally, on TV, fans are treated to the expert opinion of Baseball Insiders Gregg Zaun and Jamie Campbell live from the custom built BlackBerry Broadcast Studio at Rogers Centre.

Bodog PTS Sponsorship

Prime Time Sports with Bob McCowan offers hard-core fans riveting, timely and comprehensive commentary on the world of sports every Monday to Friday. Beginning in September the most listened to sports radio talk show in Canada began its first fully integrated presenting sponsorship, with partner

The personality and content of PTS was the perfect match for Bodog’s following of serious, ‘next-level’ sports fans – Fans that follow sports on a day-by-day, game-by-game basis – We built Bodog a fully integrated presenting sponsorship that features Bob’s ‘Uncompromising View’s’ piece in Sportsnet Magazine; the PTS podcast, and the broadcast sponsorship of the show on both Sportsnet Radio and TV.

On TV we integrated the Bodog brand throughout the PTS studio with customized monitor boards, ribbon strip, and LED signage. Bodog was also featured as the presenting sponsor of PTS during a robust Consumer Marketing Campaign promoting the show.

The TD Comfort Zone

There are few Canadian in-stadium destinations as iconic as the TD Comfort Zone at Rogers Centre. A staple at Blue Jays games for years the TD Comfort Zone offers fans an unrivaled in-the-action vantage point from which they can enjoy every Blue Jays home game. Branded with TD signage and featuring the iconic TD green ‘banking can be this comfortable’ seats, the TD Comfort Zone represents a unique partnership between TD, The Toronto Blue Jays and Sportsnet. Live TV hits featuring celebrity guests, contest winners, or the guests of charitable organizations help to enhance the partnerships exposure on a broadcast level. While a contest site on is accompanied by custom built contest spots and lower animations on Sportsnet broadcasts, all helping enhance the profile of this truly one of a kind seating opportunity.

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