News 1130


Vancouver’s Breaking News, Traffic, and Weather Station

Station Name: News1130
Call Letters: CKWX
Target Demo: Adults 25-54 with an emphasis on Adults 35-54

Online: radio

Vancouver’s only all-news radio station is the city’s leading source of traffic, weather and breaking news on a live, 24-7 basis.

News1130 is renowned for traffic and weather reports, together on the ones, along with business and sports reports twice an hour and ongoing news and community information.

All commercial breaks on News1130 are just one minute in length; each 30 second spot is either first in or last out of the ad break.

In addition to regular programming elements in the hourly news wheel, News1130 has special reports and features such as the Hockey Report, the Border Report, Chinese New Year and RSP Financial Season Spotlights that are available for sponsorship.

Here is some Demographic Information:

  • Gender: News1130 listeners are fairly evenly split between females and males.
  • Age: Almost two thirds (65%) of News1130 listeners are in the 25-64 age demographic
  • Household Income: Almost a third (32%) of News1130 listeners earn a household income over $100,000 per year and are 36% more likely than the average Vancouverite to do so!
  • Marital Status/Household Members: Almost 60% of News1130 listeners are married or living in a common law relationship, while 29% are single/never married.Almost a quarter (22%) of News1130 listeners have children under the age of 12, while 26% have teens in the household
  • Education/Occupation: News1130 listeners are 33% more likely than the average Vancouverite to have completed a university undergraduate education (index: 133).A fifth (20%) of News1130 listeners are employed as Managers, Professionals, or are Self-Employed!
  • Home Ownership/Renovations: The majority (80%) of News1130 listeners own their own home!Almost three quarters (72%) of News1130 listeners have spent money on home improvements in the past 12 months!
Source: R03-13 PPM Vancouver CTRL 13 weeks – May 27th, 2013 – August 25th, 2013 Base: P12+  Avg Weekly Cume (000)   Reach Plan Mo-Su 5a-1a  Tune into  CKWX
15 minute minimum weekly exposure   All data processed using maximum panel
Audience Characteristics Index
Casual/family restaurant/past month 108
Gone to casino/past 4 months 109
Aerobics/yoga/pilates (regularly) 118
Garden (regularly) 115
Cycle (regularly) 110
Hold Term Deposites/GICs 152
Hold RRIFs 148
Hold Stocks/Mutual Funds 145
Hold RESPs 127
Hold RRSPs 120
Spent $1,000+ on camera equipment/past 12 months 158
Spent $1,000+ on appliances/past 12 months 111
Spent $500+ on women’s clothing/past 12 months 129
Spent $500 on children’s clothing/past 12 months 123
Drive an imported vehicle 119
Personal travel outside of province/past 12 months 131
Personal travel to the US/past 12 months 116
Travelled outside province for business/past 12 months 129
Travelled within own province for business/past 12 months 115
Downloaded or used apps on a computer/past 7 days 111
Accessed RADIO in vehicle/past 7 days 112
Accessed RADIO at work/past 7 days 111


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