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Station Name: 106.5 Mountain FM
Call Letters: CHMN
Target Demo: Adult 25-54

On Air:
106.5 Mountain FM Morning Show with Rob Murray


Mountain FM features today’s best music with artists like Lady Gaga, Hedley, Fergie, Rob Thomas, Nickelback, as well artists such as U2, Kylie Minogue and many, many more. Mountain FM also provides information you want to hear; tune into Mountain FM for ski, trail, weather and road updates, as well as the latest in local events!

Here is some audience information on the Canmore Residents:

  • Almost two thirds (60%) of Canmore residents are in the 25-59 age demographic
  • Canmore residents are fairly evenly split between females (49%) and males (51%)
  • 63% of Canmore Residents are married/common law
  • 27% of Canmore Residents are single/never married
  • 10% of Canmore Residents are widowed/separate/divorced
  • Canmore Residents earn an average household income of $140,628. This is well above the Canadian average of $85,792.
  • Almost 40% of Canmore households earn a household income over $100,000 per year!
  • The average discretionary income for Canmore residents is $44,588 (well above the Canadian average of $23,429)
  •  The 2012 Canmore retail sales estimate is over $323 million!

Source: FP Markets Canadian Demographics 2012 Estimates Canmore, AB (Census Agglomeration) 

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