Country 600 CKAT


Today’s Country

Call Letters: CKAT
Target Demo: A35-64

On Air:
The A.M. Express morning show with Andy Wilson touches on news and events that matter to North Bay & area


Today’s Best Country means Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and George Strait. But it’s also the home for sports airing Blue Jays Baseball, Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators hockey as well as NFL and local high school football.

Country 600 CKAT really is “North Bay’s News/Sports leader” with in-depth news packages that get to the heart of the stories, not just the headlines. When North Bay listeners want the latest information they tune to Country 600 CKAT.

Features include “Fact or Phooey” and the popular “Am I Wrong On This” where an opinion is expressed and posted on the station Facebook site that never fails to ignite a debate.

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