World Class Rock

Station Name: 92 CITI FM
Station ID: World Class Rock
Target Demo: Males 30-49


Winnipeg may well be Canada’s “Unofficial Home of Rock”. It’s in our blood. The station that started it all over 35 years ago is 92 CITI FM. A legacy of broadcasting the greatest music ever made.

If you’ve ever air guitared to AC/DC, Motley Crue, Pearl Jam or Led Zeppelin, chances are you were listening to Winnipeg’s Original Rock Station World Class Rock 92 CITI FM.

92 CITI FM is not only Winnipeg’s #1 radio station for Rock but it’s also the #1 station overall for Males 25-54 and Adults 25 to 54.

The people who listen represent the largest demographic group, with the highest disposable income. They are Winnipeg’s most active consumers. They are business owners, managers and professionals. They work the trades, are educators, bureaucrats and accountants. They work hard, play hard, and spend cash, making 92 CITI FM a great station for your advertising campaigns!

Key demographic information (Source:  MicroBBM Spring 2013)

  • 70% of listeners fall into the buying demo of A25-54.
  • 63% of audience are married/common law and have families, with 25% having children under age 12 and 22% having teens in the household.
  • 34% earn over $100K per year and index at 135 (35% more likely than the average Winnipegge) to earn $100K+ per year.
  • 92 CITI FM listeners are decision makers with 26% being Owners, Managers and Professionals.
  • Our listeners also index at 140 (40% more likely) to have a college education, apprenticeship or trade.
  • Top spending categories for the past year include:
  • Spent $1,000+ on Electronics (index 150)
  • Spent $30K+ on New Vehicle (index 144)
  • Have a Mortgage (index 142)
  • Spent $1,000+ Shopping Online (index 133)
  • Spent $20K + on Home Improvements (index 132)
  • Shopped at a Pet Store (index 126)

Demographic Profile:

  • Gender: 92 CITI FM listeners are 70% male
  • Age: Over 70% of 92 CITI FM listeners are in the 25-54 age demographic
  • HHI: Over a third (34%) of 92 CITI FM listeners earn a household income over $100,000+ per year! 92 CITI FM listeners are also 35% more likely than the average Winnipegger to earn a household income over $100,000 per year!
  • Marital Status/Household Members: Almost two thirds (63%) of 92 CITI FM listeners are married/common law. 25% of 92 CITI FM listeners have children under the age of 12 in the household, while 22% have teens.
  • Education/Occupation: 92 CITI FM listeners are more likely than the average person living in Winnipeg to have completed an apprenticeship, trades, or college education (index: 140). Over a quarter (26%) of 92 CITI FM listeners are employed as Managers, Professionals, or are Self-Employed.
  • Home Ownership: Almost two-thirds (62%) of 92 CITI FM listeners are homeowners.
  • Radio Listening: 92 CITI FM listeners are more likely to be heavy Radio users (index: 136). 92 CITI FM listeners listened to radio through streaming/apps in the past month, with 34% on a computer and 28% with a mobile device. In the past month, 39% of 92 CITI FM listeners accessed a radio station’s website by computer and 19% with a mobile device.
Source: MicroBBM Spring 2013 Base: P12+ Tune into CITI FM   Please note some profiles may not add up to 100% due to non-respondents  *Based on Fall 2012 Full Coverage Cume
Audience Characteristics Index
Bars/pubs 2+ times/past month 180
Burger restaurants 2+ times/past month 130
Convenience stores/past week 115
Spent $200+ on groceries/past week 111
Own a Smartphone 123
Upgraded or changed wireless plan/past 2 years 122
Carpeting/Flooring stores/past 12 months 156
Home Building/Improvement Stores/past 12 months 126
Pet Stores/past 12 months 126
Warehouse/big box stores/past 12 months 121
Toy Stores/past 12 months 111
Spent $1,000+ on electronics/past 12 months 150
Spent $1,000+ on online goods and services/past 12 months 133
Spent $1,000 on furniture/past 12 months 121
Spent $30,000+ on new vehicle/past 2 years 144
Spent $20,000+ on home improvement/past 2 years 132
Hold a Mortgage 142
Hold RESPs 136
Hold RRSPs 120
Invest in stocks/bonds 110
Use a financial planner 109
Travelled to Caribbean/Mexico/past 12 months 113
Travelled to US/past 12 months 109
Banked with a mobile device/past month 125
Research products/services with a mobile device/past month 125
Visited a social networking site with a mobile device/past month 120
Shopped online (computer)/past month 116
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