103.1 JACK fm

103.1 Jack FM

Playing whatever! Whenever!

Station Name: 103.1 JACK fm
Call Letters: CHTT FM
Target Demo: A25-54

On Air:
Ian Slipp Show 6-10am
Matt Soper 10am – 3pm
Crash Davis 3pm-6pm


JACK fm plays great music from artists like Coldplay, Katy Perry, John Mellencamp, Madonna, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Gaga, Van Halen, Nirvana, and U2. We do it in a playful, fun, witty way (according to us)…We really don’t take ourselves very seriously and you never know what’s coming next.

Below is the listener profile for 103.1 JACK fm audience:

  • Over two thirds (70%) of JACK FM listeners are in the 25-54 age demographic.
  •  In the next 7 days, over 42,500 people will listen to 103.1 JACK fm
  • 58% of JACK FM listeners are female, while 42% are male
  • Over a third (33%) of JACK FM listeners earn a household income over $100,000 per year!
  • Almost 60% of JACK FM listeners are married or living in a common law relationship.
  • Over a quarter (27%) JACK FM listeners have children under the age of 12, while 23% have teens in the household. 
  • Over half (55%) of JACK FM listeners have completed an apprenticeship/trades, college, university undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • JACK FM listeners are 49% more likely than the average Victorian to be employed in Technical/Skilled Occupations and 42% more likely than average to be employed in Trades or as Skilled Equipment Operators.
  • On www.1031jackfm.ca: 12,971 Loyalty Members,** 197,610 Page views,* 11,886 Unique Visitors,* 26,320 Visits,* 5,935 Online Streams,* 5,753 Facebook likes* and  3,810 Twitter followers* 

JULY 2013 * Source: Micro BBM/FC 2012/2013 P12+ in Victoria who listen to CHTT FM * Omniture AUG 2013 ** M2o Media AUG 2013 

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