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Call Letters: CKY
Station Name: 102.3 CLEAR FM
Target Demo: Adults 25-54, Female focused


102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are working professional females that are community minded. They juggle their time between having a career and spending time with family. They enjoy shopping, entertaining, love a deal, and are an excellent target for your advertising campaigns.

Key demographic information (Source: MicroBBM Spring 2013)

  • 63% of listeners fall into the buying demo of A25-54.
  • 64% of audience are married/common law and have families, with 23% having children under age 12 and 24% having teens in the household.
  •  32% earn over $100K per year and index at 128 (28% more likely than the average Winnipegge) to earn $100K+ per year.
  •  70% of listeners are Homeowners
  • 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are decision makers with 33% being Owners, Managers and Professionals.
  •  Top spending categories for the past year include:
  • Spent $1,000+ on Women’s Clothing (165)
  • Spent $1,000+ on Electronics (index 131)
  • Spent $30K+ on New Vehicle (index 175)
  • Have a Mortgage (index 135)
  • Shopped at Jewellery Store (index 138)
  • Spent $20K + on Home Improvements (index 123)
  • Shopped at Home Décor Store (index 124)
  • Gender: 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are 64% female
  • Age: Almost two thirds (63%) of 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are in the
    25-54 age demographic
  • Household Income: Almost a third (32%) of 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners earn a household income over $100,000+ per year! 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are also 28% more likely than the average Winnipegger to earn a household income over $100,000 per year!
  • Marital Status/Household Members: Almost two thirds (64%) of 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are married/ common law. Almost a quarter (23%) of 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners have children under the age of 12 in the household, while 24% have teens
  • Education/Occupation: 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are more likely than the average person living in Winnipeg to have completed a college or university undergraduate education (index: 114). A third (33%) of 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are employed as Managers, Professionals, or are Self-Employed.
  • Home Ownership: Almost 70% of 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are homeowners
  • Radio Listening: 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners are more likely to be heavy Radio users (index: 128). 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners listened to radio through streaming/apps in the past month, with 28% listening on a computer and 27% with a mobile device. In the past month, 35% of 102.3 CLEAR FM listeners accessed a radio station’s website by computer and 15% with a mobile device.
Audience Characteristics Index
Casual/family restaurant 2+ times/past month 147
Chicken restaurants 2+ times/past month 137
Coffee/donut shops 2+ times/past month 117
Shopped at shopping malls/past week 113
Spent $200+ on groceries/past week 162
Own a tablet 118
Own a smartphone 110
Shopped at carpeting/flooring stores/past year 144
Shopped at jewellery stores/past year 138
Shopped at home decor stores/past year 124
Shopped at office supply stores/past year 120
Shopped at garden/craft stores/past year 110
Spent $1000+ on women’s clothing/past 12 months 165
Spent $1000+ on electronics/past 12 months 131
Spent $1000+ on furniture/past 12 months 129
Spent $30,000+ on new vehicle/past 2 years 175
Spent $20,000+ on home improvements/past 2 years 123
Hold RESPs 141
Hold a Mortgage 135
Hold RRSPs 121
Invest in stocks/bonds 119
Use a Financial Planner 111
Travelled to USA/past year 116
Travelled to Caribbean/Mexico/past year 109
Researched products/services with a mobile device/past month 140
Entered online contests with mobile device/past month 137
Banked online with computer/past month 115
Visited a social networking site with a mobile device/past month 119
Shopped online with computer/past month 114

Source: MicroBBM Spring 2013 Base: P12+ Tune into CKY FM   Please note some profiles may not add up to 100% due to non-respondents  *Based on Fall 2012 Full Coverage Cume

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